Musicvideo (2023)
As Jeano Malea sits lost on a bench in the evening, a bright light suddenly appears and invites him on a journey through an abstract world of his own mind.
Short Film, 18 Minutes, Drama (2021)
Four young people experience a bizarre journey through the night, on which they get to know and experience themselves and their surroundings in a completely new way.
This was an experimental zero budget project through the lockdown of the covid pandemic.
Musicvideo (2023)
Jeano leads through a gallery, where he provides insights into his past: he wanders through the streets, recounting his history, while encountering more and more friends, until it culminates in a large dance choreography. In the video "GEMÄLDE," we wanted to address Jeano's past and societal injustices on one hand, while simultaneously showcasing the power of friendship and solidarity, which are all the more crucial in such a world.
Short Film, 15 Minutes, Comedy/Drama (2020)
On new years eve in Amsterdam, Linus wants to end his own life. But he didn‘t take the plans of the cheerful Annabelle into account, who is mistaking him for her ex boyfriend Tommy and just pulls him with her into the night. What she doesn’t yet know is, that she isn’t only completely changing Linus but she also saves his life.
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